Testing myself and pushing my own boundaries!!

Dear friends and colleagues; this is to share with you that, after 5 passionate years at the Ministry of Science, Technology and Productive Innovation of Argentina; I take the decision to carry out my own trip as Entrepreneur, Founder, Disruptive Manager, Mindset Changer and of course Consultant in Innovation Management.

These were 5 years in which I learned a lot of the ecosystem of S&T in Argentina. I am grateful that I had the opportunity to inspire, create, develop and coordinate new ideas that became national policy programs. There were 5 years of traveling, coordinating the Round of Techno-Business, in which I understood the reality of the Argentinian businessman. A major challenge was to think up, create and coordinate the National Technology Entrepreneur Week, we had to paddle against the current; however it gave me a precise knowledge of the problems that the entrepreneur can face. And the last one, the regional nodes of technological entrepreneurs, showed me that in Argentina there are a lot of young and professional people that have a lot of spirit to do new things!!!

My current challenge is to contribute from the other trench, as Consultant in Disruptive Innovation Management, will be involved in projects to enhance strategies for promotion and strengthening of SME’s through technological Development; the hows of the introduction of innovative management processes within the company; In scaling up territorial innovation as a political process; and to promote, develop, and accelerate science and technology-based firms in the region.

I like to be involved in the creation and development of different entrepreneurial environments to develop new technology-based business, managing the disruptive innovation process and the transfer of knowledge to facing the fascinating task of making a better life for people through Science & Technology Development.

I hope with all my heart we can do joint projects that are for the benefit of all and generate great satisfactions and of course a generous support.

I wish to contact you soon

Hector Parker Rosell

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